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Schedule - All Matches - Grouped by Date
Group Stage
Fri Jun 11
1Turkey  0vs3  Italy19:00RomeGroup A
Sat Jun 12
2Wales  1vs1  Switzerland13:00BakuGroup A
3Denmark  0vs1  Finland16:00CopenhagenGroup B
4Belgium  3vs0  Russia19:00Saint PetersburgGroup B
Sun Jun 13
5England  1vs0  Croatia13:00LondonGroup D
6Austria  3vs1  North Macedonia16:00BucharestGroup C
7Netherlands  3vs2  Ukraine19:00AmsterdamGroup C
Mon Jun 14
8Scotland  0vs2  Czech Republic13:00GlasgowGroup D
9Poland  1vs2  Slovakia16:00Saint PetersburgGroup E
10Spain  0vs0  Sweden19:00BilbaoGroup E
Tue Jun 15
11Hungary  0vs3  Portugal16:00BudapestGroup F
12France  1vs0  Germany19:00MunichGroup F
Wed Jun 16
13Finland  0vs1  Russia13:00Saint PetersburgGroup B
14Turkey  0vs2  Wales16:00BakuGroup A
15Italy  3vs0  Switzerland19:00RomeGroup A
Thu Jun 17
16Ukraine  2vs1  North Macedonia13:00BucharestGroup C
17Denmark  1vs2  Belgium16:00CopenhagenGroup B
18Netherlands  2vs0  Austria19:00AmsterdamGroup C
Fri Jun 18
19Sweden  1vs0  Slovakia13:00Saint PetersburgGroup E
20Croatia  1vs1  Czech Republic16:00GlasgowGroup D
21England  0vs0  Scotland19:00LondonGroup D
Sat Jun 19
22Hungary  1vs1  France13:00BudapestGroup F
23Portugal  2vs4  Germany16:00MunichGroup F
24Spain  1vs1  Poland19:00BilbaoGroup E
Sun Jun 20
25Italy  1vs0  Wales16:00RomeGroup A
26Switzerland  3vs1  Turkey16:00BakuGroup A
Mon Jun 21
27Ukraine  0vs1  Austria16:00BucharestGroup C
28North Macedonia  0vs3  Netherlands16:00AmsterdamGroup C
29Finland  0vs2  Belgium19:00Saint PetersburgGroup B
30Russia  1vs4  Denmark19:00CopenhagenGroup B
Tue Jun 22
31Czech Republic  0vs1  England19:00LondonGroup D
32Croatia  3vs1  Scotland19:00GlasgowGroup D
Wed Jun 23
33Sweden  3vs2  Poland16:00Saint PetersburgGroup E
34Slovakia  0vs5  Spain16:00BilbaoGroup E
35Germany  2vs2  Hungary19:00MunichGroup F
36Portugal  2vs2  France19:00BudapestGroup F
Round of 16
Sat Jun 26
37Wales  0vs4  Denmark16:00AmsterdamR16
38Italy  2vs1  Austria19:00LondonR16
Sun Jun 27
39Netherlands  0vs2  Czech Republic16:00BudapestR16
40Belgium  1vs0  Portugal19:00BilbaoR16
Mon Jun 28
41Croatia  3vs5  Spain16:00CopenhagenR16
42France  3(4)vs3(5)  Switzerland19:00BucharestR16
Tue Jun 29
43England  2vs0  Germany16:00LondonR16
44Sweden  1vs2  Ukraine19:00GlasgowR16
Fri Jul 2
45Switzerland  1(1)vs1(3)  Spain16:00Saint PetersburgQF
46Belgium  1vs2  Italy19:00MunichQF
Sat Jul 3
47Czech Republic  1vs2  Denmark16:00BakuQF
48Ukraine  0vs4  England19:00RomeQF
Tue Jul 6
49Italy  1(4)vs1(2)  Spain19:00LondonSF
Wed Jul 7
50England  2vs1  Denmark19:00LondonSF
Sun Jul 11
51Italy  1vs1  England19:00LondonFinal
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