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Prizes - CONMEBOL Copa America - 2021 - Forecast Contest



- The number of registered Contestants so far is: 28
- For this number of Contestants, the following Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the contest:

  Position Prize
1st Place$432
2nd Place$124
3rd Place$62

- As new Players Join the contest, the above table will automatically reflect Prize increments.




- The number of registered Guests is: 0
- Guest Users are a special type of Player that do not pay to Join the contest and therefore is not in the run for the Prizes.
- It is Ranked in Standings, but will not win Prizes.
- Typically Guests are used as a benchmark for Contestants to compare their performance against them.
- For example, GoldmanSachs (GS) and BloombergSports (BS) are Guests in WorldCup Contests.
- They participate with the predictions that those companies publish for the Group Stage of the WorldCup (predictions available under Downloads for each WorldCup)



Prize Disbursement

- Prizes will be sent via Paypal.
- Each winning contestant must have a Paypal account to receive the awarded prize.
- The cost to transfer prizes, if any, will be assumed by the recipients.


- strives to provide en enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience. If special circumstances that hinder the continuation of the contest were to occur -i.e. technical difficulties, loss of data, etc-, will do everything possible within its resources and limitations to resume operations. Nonetheless, if this is not possible, reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time, independent of its stage of advancement.

- In the event that the contest is cancelled, will return the registration fee to all contestants. The cost to deliver returns, if any, will be assumed by the recipients.

- Some countries prohibit participating in online contests that give out prizes in money. Each contestant will be responsible to comply with such prohibition.



Additional Info

- If you are interested in understanding the process to calculate the above table of prizes, please read below.

Total Prize

The Total Prize is calculated as follows:

Fi = Fee given by contestant i
n = Total number of contestants
P = Percentage allocated to Total Prize
      For this contest P = 0.7
TP = Total Prize to be distributed amongst winners

Total Prize Allocation

1. Total Prize is distributed in 3 Prizes as follows:

- 1st Place:: 70% TP  
  - 2nd Place: 20% TP  
  - 3rd Place: 10% TP  

2. Handling Draws

- If a draw in final points persist after following tie-break procedures as described in 'Rules' ( >> Competition >> Event >> Forecast Contest >> Rules), Prizes will be equally distributed among tied contestants. However, Total Prize distribution will change as follows:

  2.1 1st Place Draw 2-way  
  - 1st Place: 90% TP  
  - 2nd Place: 10% TP  
  - 3rd Place: 0% TP  
  2.2 1st Place Draw 3-way or more  
  - 1st Place: 100% TP  
  - 2nd Place: 0% TP  
  - 3rd Place: 0% TP  
  2.3 2nd Place Draw  
  - 1st Place: 70% TP  
  - 2nd Place: 30% TP  
  - 3rd Place: 0% TP  
  2.4 3rd Place Draw  
  - No change  
2.5 Changes to Total Prize distribution for 1st Place draw take precedence over changes for 2nd Place draw, which in turn take precedence over changes for 3rd Place draw.  
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