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List of Matches which user's Forecast can be seen

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Schedule - Group A
1Fri Jun 1019:00FranceRomaniaSaint-Denis
2Sat Jun 1113:00AlbaniaSwitzerlandLens
14Wed Jun 1516:00RomaniaSwitzerlandParis
15Wed Jun 1519:00FranceAlbaniaMarseille
25Sun Jun 1919:00RomaniaAlbaniaLyon
26Sun Jun 1919:00SwitzerlandFranceLille
Schedule - Group B
3Sat Jun 1116:00WalesSlovakiaBordeaux
4Sat Jun 1119:00EnglandRussiaMarseille
13Wed Jun 1513:00RussiaSlovakiaLille
16Thu Jun 1613:00EnglandWalesLens
27Mon Jun 2019:00RussiaWalesToulouse
28Mon Jun 2019:00SlovakiaEnglandSaint-Étienne
Schedule - Group C
6Sun Jun 1216:00PolandNorthern IrelandNice
7Sun Jun 1219:00GermanyUkraineLille
17Thu Jun 1616:00UkraineNorthern IrelandLyon
18Thu Jun 1619:00GermanyPolandSaint-Denis
29Tue Jun 2116:00UkrainePolandMarseille
30Tue Jun 2116:00Northern IrelandGermanyParis
Schedule - Group D
5Sun Jun 1213:00TurkeyCroatiaParis
8Mon Jun 1313:00SpainCzech RepublicToulouse
20Fri Jun 1716:00Czech RepublicCroatiaSaint-Étienne
21Fri Jun 1719:00SpainTurkeyNice
31Tue Jun 2119:00Czech RepublicTurkeyLens
32Tue Jun 2119:00CroatiaSpainBordeaux
Schedule - Group E
9Mon Jun 1316:00IrelandSwedenSaint-Denis
10Mon Jun 1319:00BelgiumItalyLyon
19Fri Jun 1713:00ItalySwedenToulouse
22Sat Jun 1813:00BelgiumIrelandBordeaux
35Wed Jun 2219:00ItalyIrelandLille
36Wed Jun 2219:00SwedenBelgiumNice
Schedule - Group F
11Tue Jun 1416:00AustriaHungaryBordeaux
12Tue Jun 1419:00PortugalIcelandSaint-Étienne
23Sat Jun 1816:00IcelandHungaryMarseille
24Sat Jun 1819:00PortugalAustriaParis
33Wed Jun 2216:00IcelandAustriaSaint-Denis
34Wed Jun 2216:00HungaryPortugalLyon
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